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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Subterranean Termite Treatment and Inspection Certification South Brunswick New Jersey 1/23/2012

By Derek Benson ~ Licensed Wood Destroying Insect Specialist

Got the Call from a Home Seller that already had a home inspection company come out and discover subterreanean termite damage to a couple areas in the basement structure which needed termite remediation performed immediately.   Eliminex uses Termidor for every treatment.

For Termidor Fact how it works see
I arrive at 9am to perform the inspection to confirm the evidence of termite damage that corresponds with the home inspection report. 

Termite Damage to the Center Support Beam

Termite Damage to Sill Plate and Siding

Termite Preparation for Soil Remediation by injection of Liquid Termidor requires subslab drilling of the perimeter of adjacent concrete patio and porch structures next to the foundation.

And Treatment of the Perimeter Soil can be performed by soil injection before patching the holes back up.

All Subterranean Termite Treatments come with a One Year Warranty which is renewable every year after an annual inspection of the property is performed.  In the past 12 years of providing full perimeter termite treatment of homes with Termidor termiticide in New Jersey, and maintained an annual renewal inspection, no houses ever had to do a complete re-application.   This combination of expert service and quality chemical selection provides an excellent reputation to our company and the industry.

Call Eliminex for an evaluation and service  1-800-766-6188

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