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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ants in Microwave - Kendall Park NJ 7/26/2012

Pavement Ants in a Microwave ~ Entering through the exterior vent cover and going right into the housing unit.  Implementing trays of Ant Granular bait that can be removed safely without contaminating the interior.   Ants starting accepting the bait immediately and soon the nest will be destroyed within a few days.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012


Myth #1 Should choose the Lowest Price for Pest Control
Answer #1 Choose Value over Price

Myth #2 Inspection is always required to give a pricing quote
Answer #2 Fixed rate pricing that can be quoted over the phone based on the size of your home is always the most ethical and honest form of doing business with customers. You can get a very accurate pricing quote this way, even though there are some factors that should require a complete thorough inspection to both confirm the presence of the pests you are calling about to treat and determine what extra procedures in preparation and treatment methods will be required depending on construction and accesibility. At worst, 80% of the fixed rate pricing over the phone will be accurate and any additional steps required won't be an issue since you know by then you have chosen the most qualified and knowledgeable company to provide your treatment service

Myth #3 There is one special professional chemical product pest management pros use for every insect problem
Answer #3 There are several dozens of professional registered chemical products that can be selected for any target insect and rodent pests. Some products work better indoors and other products are designed to work better outdoors for example. It takes an experienced expert to know how to properly select and safely apply the best pest product and guarantee results fast.

Myth #4 Same day service provided by a professional pest control company is always better
Answer #4 You need to make an informed decision when choosing a new pest management company to provide service. Same day service providers usually overcharge for minimal treatments because they aren't even really prepared to formulate a proper treatment that quickly.

Myth #5 All Licensed Pest Management companies offer the same exact type of service
Answer #5 It takes years of experience with success in order to offer each type of service treatment which all require different methods and chemical products. Different types of treatments require separate applicator licenses as well. Termite Treatments is a totally different method of service compared to Carpenter Ants (for example)

Myth #6 All attic dwelling pests can be inspected and treated for the same exact way
Answer #6 So many times, we get requests to go check the attic for mystery noises and insects. There are so many questions that you need to answer in order to go up into that attic and inspect for evidence. The most common attic pests are House Mice, Eastern Grey Squirrels, Small and Big Brown Bats, Birds, and silverfish among other possibilities. Also there can be a combination of pests depending on the season. Are there repairs necessary? You needed a qualified and very experienced pest management pro to do any type of Attic work. Plus they need to be in shape to handle navigating in a dangerous attic space.

Myth #7 Natural Pesticide Products are safer than Professional Chemical Products
Answer #7 Natural Pesticides is a brand new and unproven Cottage industry that has come up during the past few years and regardless of the claims given, requires way too many multiple applications that you are exposed to breathing hazards compared to a Single Professional Registered Chemical Product. There are so many new professional chemical products on the market over the past decade that have a spotless and really good reputation among pest professionals and customers. Natural Green Applicator Companies also charge considerably more money for all those multiple treatments which is basically their motivation for getting into Natural products in the first place.

Myth #8 Multiple Treatments are always required for Bed Bug Elimination
Answer #8 Only a complete and thorough inspection, a single cleanout treatment application, and a 30 day follow up booster treatment is necessary for guaranteed bed bug elimination. There are countless bed bug treatment companies that require between 3 and 6 bed bug application treatments and never guarantee the work!

Friday, May 11, 2012

The CONSUMERS GUIDE: How to Avoid Ripoffs in Pest Management -

#1 Termites and Wood Destroying Insects
#2 General Household and Food Storage Insect Pests
#3 Squirrel, Raccoon, Rodent and WildLife Control
#4 Bed Bug, Ticks, and Biting Insect Pest Specialist
Hi, This is Derek Benson Master Technician of Eliminex Pest Management of New Jersey and here to sharing with you, the public, the most asked common and uncommon pest questions NOT SHARED outside the Industry. The 1st thing a journeyman exterminator learns when getting into the business learn for example, is to make up a compelling and believable answer if a customer asks a question that cannot be answered because of a lack of technical knowledge and field experience. Just quickly make up an answer just like that.
Possibly the pest technician is just joking and having fun. But with insects, rodents, and wildlife problems..... Well anything can happen on a daily basis so even the most outrageous story or claim can be made to look truthful. That is the kind of stuff Professionals like to do at the shop on Slow Days while preparing the vehicles for our first stop.

I hope you enjoy learning a little while educating yourself on the most asked questions out there. These are the type of things even your Parents and Neighbor may have asked and probably know a few of these gems because They have also asked one or two questions like these.
Everything below posted is based on my Personal Experience of 20 years in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Pest Management. I have seen the many changes in the Industry when it comes to Products, Treatment Methods, Pest epidemics, Disease Control, Sanitation, Politics of New Pesticide Regulations, and much much more. Many years of trial and error with Treatment Methods, Inspections, Damage Repairs, State and Federal Bid Projects, Wildlife Relocation, and efficiently running a business training dozens of licensed expert Pest Management Professionals over the years. I hope you enjoy reading them.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Subterranean Termite Treatment and Inspection Certification South Brunswick New Jersey 1/23/2012

By Derek Benson ~ Licensed Wood Destroying Insect Specialist

Got the Call from a Home Seller that already had a home inspection company come out and discover subterreanean termite damage to a couple areas in the basement structure which needed termite remediation performed immediately.   Eliminex uses Termidor for every treatment.

For Termidor Fact how it works see
I arrive at 9am to perform the inspection to confirm the evidence of termite damage that corresponds with the home inspection report. 

Termite Damage to the Center Support Beam

Termite Damage to Sill Plate and Siding

Termite Preparation for Soil Remediation by injection of Liquid Termidor requires subslab drilling of the perimeter of adjacent concrete patio and porch structures next to the foundation.

And Treatment of the Perimeter Soil can be performed by soil injection before patching the holes back up.

All Subterranean Termite Treatments come with a One Year Warranty which is renewable every year after an annual inspection of the property is performed.  In the past 12 years of providing full perimeter termite treatment of homes with Termidor termiticide in New Jersey, and maintained an annual renewal inspection, no houses ever had to do a complete re-application.   This combination of expert service and quality chemical selection provides an excellent reputation to our company and the industry.

Call Eliminex for an evaluation and service  1-800-766-6188

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Eastern Grey Squirrel Trapping and Exclusion Bridgewater New Jersey 1/16/2012

By Derek Benson ~ Licensed Wildlife Professional NJ

A frantic call by a homeowner about 20 minutes north in Somerset County called our office to discuss the noise in his attic for the past 2 weeks happening around 6am every morning.   This is the time of the year in our region can pretty much identify either Rodents or Squirrels.

We pretty much have performed 100s of Eastern grey Squirrel removal jobs and many times more House and Field mice services so over the phone gave our set prices on one or the other depending on what the inspection shows.   I came prepared for both services.

So I initially came inside to consult the homeowner asking questions like what time they hear the activity, how often, and what have they noticed visually within the past couple weeks.   The response was noise in an isolated section of the 2nd floor ceiling below the unfinished attic space.   So I proceeded to place my ladder on the side of the home and go up on the roof to investigate.

There were 4 Dormers total so I look at the soffits where they meet the roofline to see if there are any gaps for squirrels to get into.   And here is an example of the chew holes I discovered

While I was up on the roof inspecting and taking photos,  2 Eastern Grey squirrels come running out of the rear Dormer right at the spot the homeowner reported hearing noise.  They run right to the corner tree next to the Gutter and run down and out to the yard.

I made the report and presented the complete estimate for repairs and eviction of squirrels to the homeowner and service has yet to be scheduled.  We install one way doors and tunnels without having to use trapping methods which is safer and cleaner.    I will follow up on this post as soon as this job gets under way.

Monday, January 9, 2012

House and Deer Mouse Service North Brunswick 1/9/2012

By Derek Benson

I got the call to perform service by a Single Family home owner reporting scuffling and scratching on his 2nd floor ceiling and bedroom walls for about a month total.   He described how the noise happens around 2 am in the morning so what I heard led to convince me right away it was a mouse infestation.

For a description of Mice and other Rodent Behavior visit

I arrived about 9am and went to the door holding just a business card and flashlight.  After I was greeted, we proceeded to go inside and first discuss what his personal experiences were and came to find out he was performing his own  Do-It-Yourself program courtesy of the Home Depot, including placing a number of innovative plastic snap traps throughout the attic.   I forgot my camera for the attic so during the follow up after 30 days of todays service I will update this blog with the devices which are actually still in place.
The home had an attached garage and unfinished basement so I informed the customer the mice usually always start at entering the garage through the tiny gaps around the garage door frame.  If you can see any daylight around that garage door, there is definitely enough space for a house or deer mouse to squeeze through and look for any gaps in the walls and trim to eventually gain access to the basement and adjoining wall structures.

Any daylight seen ~ Definite entry points for Rodents including House & Deer Mice, Rats, Wildlife Intrusion

After explaining mice behavior, habits, feeding and water daily requirements, and visual positive identification of the many mice droppings found in the laundry room, basement, garage, and attic (We only go into attics upon request and feel we need to further investigate other possible rodent/ animal presences), I went out the the Van to retrieve my full rodent program and tools and layed them out to prepare for service.

The gear included  Locked RTUs,  Rodent Baiters for Inaccessible points like Attics and behind insulation, Glue Mats, Glue boards folded into boxes,  Bait pellets, Bait Blocks, Bait Paks, Caulking and Sealing material for starters.

A full-program was then implemented which took 45 minutes total right in front of the curious home owner who was simply amazed by the process and after service did another 30 minute consultation on what to expect and when to call if the need arises.   We scheduled a standard 30-day follow up to come retrieve any products when the job is successful.   I don't like to leave rodent bait out to be found months or even years later.  Its the Law to retrieve bait devices and products as of 2009.  Its common sense. 

Will come back and do a follow update on this blog after the 2nd service is performed.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bed Bug Treatment Perth Amboy NJ 1/7/2012

For more information about bed bugs please visit

Apartment #1 out of a 3 unit multi-family home had an isolated infestation of all stages of Bed Bugs in just one bedroom.   Whenever we get the call, the first thing we need to know if the problem exists in an apartment or single family home.   Almost always the recommendation would be treatment of the infested unit and all adjacent units since your average bed bug problem will quickly spread out into adjoining walls and floors for many reasons
  1. The Homeowner or Renter Sprayed Over the Counter (OTC) pesticides and chased the majority all over the unit, while only killing just a few bedbugs.
  2. The home isn't structurally sound, in disrepair, proper caulking of casings and trim wasn't performed or maintained, providing easy access to harboring bed bugs and their egg laying
  3. When tenants start moving furniture out for trash, for example carrying out their infested mattresses and box-springs, the eggs and live bedbugs will fall off enroute from the unit to outside.
  4. The tenant, landord, or homeowner was simply not aware of the ongoing bed bug infestation and failed to take timely action by calling a professional licensed bed bug professional exterminator.
Proper preparation by the tenant had to be performed before service was scheduled and performed
For a preparation guide email  which the website will autorespond you the proper information to upload and print.

Eliminex provides a liquid pesticide application of all cracks/crevices, furniture, mattress & box springs, molding & trim, dressers & cabinets, and insecticide dust for outlets and switch boxes.   A very thorough and careful service and inspection needs to be performed every single time.   The tenant or homeowner goes through a pain-staking process of proper preparation, so they deserve a very thorough service every time to make it all worthwhile and successful.