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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Eastern Grey Squirrel Trapping and Exclusion Bridgewater New Jersey 1/16/2012

By Derek Benson ~ Licensed Wildlife Professional NJ

A frantic call by a homeowner about 20 minutes north in Somerset County called our office to discuss the noise in his attic for the past 2 weeks happening around 6am every morning.   This is the time of the year in our region can pretty much identify either Rodents or Squirrels.

We pretty much have performed 100s of Eastern grey Squirrel removal jobs and many times more House and Field mice services so over the phone gave our set prices on one or the other depending on what the inspection shows.   I came prepared for both services.

So I initially came inside to consult the homeowner asking questions like what time they hear the activity, how often, and what have they noticed visually within the past couple weeks.   The response was noise in an isolated section of the 2nd floor ceiling below the unfinished attic space.   So I proceeded to place my ladder on the side of the home and go up on the roof to investigate.

There were 4 Dormers total so I look at the soffits where they meet the roofline to see if there are any gaps for squirrels to get into.   And here is an example of the chew holes I discovered

While I was up on the roof inspecting and taking photos,  2 Eastern Grey squirrels come running out of the rear Dormer right at the spot the homeowner reported hearing noise.  They run right to the corner tree next to the Gutter and run down and out to the yard.

I made the report and presented the complete estimate for repairs and eviction of squirrels to the homeowner and service has yet to be scheduled.  We install one way doors and tunnels without having to use trapping methods which is safer and cleaner.    I will follow up on this post as soon as this job gets under way.

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