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Monday, January 9, 2012

House and Deer Mouse Service North Brunswick 1/9/2012

By Derek Benson

I got the call to perform service by a Single Family home owner reporting scuffling and scratching on his 2nd floor ceiling and bedroom walls for about a month total.   He described how the noise happens around 2 am in the morning so what I heard led to convince me right away it was a mouse infestation.

For a description of Mice and other Rodent Behavior visit

I arrived about 9am and went to the door holding just a business card and flashlight.  After I was greeted, we proceeded to go inside and first discuss what his personal experiences were and came to find out he was performing his own  Do-It-Yourself program courtesy of the Home Depot, including placing a number of innovative plastic snap traps throughout the attic.   I forgot my camera for the attic so during the follow up after 30 days of todays service I will update this blog with the devices which are actually still in place.
The home had an attached garage and unfinished basement so I informed the customer the mice usually always start at entering the garage through the tiny gaps around the garage door frame.  If you can see any daylight around that garage door, there is definitely enough space for a house or deer mouse to squeeze through and look for any gaps in the walls and trim to eventually gain access to the basement and adjoining wall structures.

Any daylight seen ~ Definite entry points for Rodents including House & Deer Mice, Rats, Wildlife Intrusion

After explaining mice behavior, habits, feeding and water daily requirements, and visual positive identification of the many mice droppings found in the laundry room, basement, garage, and attic (We only go into attics upon request and feel we need to further investigate other possible rodent/ animal presences), I went out the the Van to retrieve my full rodent program and tools and layed them out to prepare for service.

The gear included  Locked RTUs,  Rodent Baiters for Inaccessible points like Attics and behind insulation, Glue Mats, Glue boards folded into boxes,  Bait pellets, Bait Blocks, Bait Paks, Caulking and Sealing material for starters.

A full-program was then implemented which took 45 minutes total right in front of the curious home owner who was simply amazed by the process and after service did another 30 minute consultation on what to expect and when to call if the need arises.   We scheduled a standard 30-day follow up to come retrieve any products when the job is successful.   I don't like to leave rodent bait out to be found months or even years later.  Its the Law to retrieve bait devices and products as of 2009.  Its common sense. 

Will come back and do a follow update on this blog after the 2nd service is performed.

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