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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bed Bug Treatment Perth Amboy NJ 1/7/2012

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Apartment #1 out of a 3 unit multi-family home had an isolated infestation of all stages of Bed Bugs in just one bedroom.   Whenever we get the call, the first thing we need to know if the problem exists in an apartment or single family home.   Almost always the recommendation would be treatment of the infested unit and all adjacent units since your average bed bug problem will quickly spread out into adjoining walls and floors for many reasons
  1. The Homeowner or Renter Sprayed Over the Counter (OTC) pesticides and chased the majority all over the unit, while only killing just a few bedbugs.
  2. The home isn't structurally sound, in disrepair, proper caulking of casings and trim wasn't performed or maintained, providing easy access to harboring bed bugs and their egg laying
  3. When tenants start moving furniture out for trash, for example carrying out their infested mattresses and box-springs, the eggs and live bedbugs will fall off enroute from the unit to outside.
  4. The tenant, landord, or homeowner was simply not aware of the ongoing bed bug infestation and failed to take timely action by calling a professional licensed bed bug professional exterminator.
Proper preparation by the tenant had to be performed before service was scheduled and performed
For a preparation guide email  which the website will autorespond you the proper information to upload and print.

Eliminex provides a liquid pesticide application of all cracks/crevices, furniture, mattress & box springs, molding & trim, dressers & cabinets, and insecticide dust for outlets and switch boxes.   A very thorough and careful service and inspection needs to be performed every single time.   The tenant or homeowner goes through a pain-staking process of proper preparation, so they deserve a very thorough service every time to make it all worthwhile and successful.

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