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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Carpenter Ant Service New Jersey - Eliminex 732-698-8387

Angie's List and Better Business A+ Accredited
Carpenter Ant Control by Eliminex NJ 732-698-8387
[caption id="attachment_4140" align="alignnone" width="650"]carpenter ants Carpenter Ant Central New Jersey 732-698-8387[/caption] Click to open call me page

Starting from a ONE -TIME SERVICE  with either a 30 - 60 - 90 day agreement.  More extended warranty packages offered for Specialty Insect Pests and Year Service Guarantee Program


YEAR ROUND SERVICE PROMO $89 for the Initial Service Month covering 25 basic general insect service  when you sign up at the time of our Year round service consists of 90 day scheduled service visits starting from $129 each and includes a 1 - year warranty)



Click to open call me page 
Middlesex - Monmouth - Somerset - Ocean - Mercer - Union - Essex - Hudson Counties
New Jersey
Call now for a Consultation and Inspection
 press # to call----->  732-640-5488

1 Year Agreement Plan also Includes Bonus Discount Vouchers

$150 off Rodent Extermination (if not included in service package)

$125 off Specialty Insects not on Plan

$200 off a Full Interior/Exterior Termite Treatment

$150 off Wildlife Removal


(30 / 60 / 90 - DAY GUARANTEE PACKAGES ) WITH FREE FOLLOW UP AFTER 30 DAYS on Warranty Services)    Also offer Year Round (every 90 days service) Package

STEP 1.   Visual Inspection with Report to identify insect pests and give consultation on which service package to provide which includes exterior and interior treatment.  The initial service will include interior service as well

STEP 2.  Prepare the Exterior of the Home to be Treated by closing windows and moving cars at the end of the driveway.  Put away childrens toys and Patio Furniture cushions to name a few preventative measures before spraying

STEP 3. -   Follow up services every 30 days on the exterior  only  to reinforce barrier protection to ensure exterior bugs are eliminated after the egg cycle.  The interior of the home is still covered under warranty

Option for seal up of cracks around window and door framing.  There may be other possible entry points that can be repaired which can be pointed out through inspection.

  1. Treatment of 25 General Insect Pests for the Full Interior and Exterior Perimeter ~  Acrobat Ants/Crazy Ants/Little Black Ants/Odorous House Ants/Pavement Ants/Thief Ants/Large Yellow Ants/Palmetto Bugs/Brown Banded Tree Roaches/Pennsylvania Roaches/Wood Roaches/Oriental Roaches/Boxelder Beetles/Lady Bugs/Centripedes/Clover Mites/Earwigs/Millipedes/Pill Bugs/Silverfish/Crickets/Spiders/Ground Beetle/Elm Leaf Beetle/Drug Store Beetle
  2. Excluded in the Plan ~ Bed Bugs/Mice/German Roaches/Rats/Carpenter Ants/Termites/Carpenter Bees/Wood Destroying Beetles/Fleas/Ticks/Pharoah Ants/Citronella Ants/Carpet Beetles/Springtails/Honey Bees/Free Flying Insects/Mosquitoes/Drain Flies/Fruit Flies/Sewer and Blow Flies/Squirrels/Snakes/Birds
  3. Treat Interior Spot / Space / Crack and Crevice Spray and/or Dusting Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchen,Basement,Living Room, Basement, Garage,Storage Shed,Utility Room, Accessible Entry point of attic, all accessible finished and unfinished areas
  4. Spray Exterior of Home / Perimeter of Foundation / Perimeter of Property Line / Ornamentals up to 10 feet high using a Back Pack and / or JD-9 Sprayer
  5. Monitor Interior with Glue Boards and Make Monitor Reports as necessary of any conditions

Great Squirrel Removal Service and Price. Just in time for Fall and the Holidays
Melinda 5 stars - based on 14 reviews
Great Squirrel Removal Service and Price. Just in time for Fall and the Holidays
Melinda 5 stars – based on 14 reviews

Great Squirrel Removal Service and Price. Just in time for Fall and the Holidays

Ants Aphids American Roach Acrobat Ants Asian Beetle American Dog Tick

Bagworms Bats Bed Bugs Bees Bees (Carpenter) Bees (Wasps) Bees (Yellow Jackets) Beetles Birds Black Ants Bagworms Baldfaced Hornets Black Widow Spiders Blow Fly Boxelder Bugs Brownbanded Cockroaches Brown Dog Tick Brown Recluse Spiders Bumble Bees Black Widow Spiders Box Elder Bugs Brown Recluse Spiders

Carpenter Bees Carpenter Ants Carpet Beetles Centipedes Camel Crickets Cat Fleas Cutworms Chinch Bugs Chipmunks Cicadas Cicada Wasps Cloth Moths Cluster Flies Crane Flies Crickets Cave Cricket Crazy Ants Carpet Beetles Centipedes Chiggers Clover Mites Cockroaches Carpet Beetle Clothes Moths Carpet Moth Confused Flour Beetles

Drugstore Beetles Deer Mice Deer Ticks Drain Flies

Earwigs Eastern Grey Squirrels Elm Leaf Beetles

Fleas Flies Fruit Flies Firebrats Field Crickets Flying Squirrels Flying Ants Flying Termites

Gnats Grey Squirrels Grasshoppers Ground Hogs German Roaches Grasshoppers Ground Squirrels Ground Wasps

House Crickets House Flies House Ants Hornets Hobo Spider Honey Bees House Crickets House Sparrows, Horse Fly House Fly Head Lice

Insect Bites Indian Meal Moths

Japanese Beetles Jackrabbits

Lady Bugs Larder Beetles Lice Leafminers Little Black Ants

Midges Millipedes Mites Mice Mice (Deer) Mice (House) Mice (Field) Moles Mole Crickets Mosquitoes Moths Meadow Voles Meal worms Millipedes Moths Moles Mole Crickets Mud Dauber Wasps Norway Rats

Old House Borer Oriental Cockroach Opossums Odorous House Ants

Palmetto Bugs Paper Wasps Pantry Beetles Pantry Moths Pantry Pests Pharaoh Ants Pillbugs Pigeons Powderpost Beetles Pantry Pests Pavement Ants Pillbugs Powderpost Beetle

Raccoons Rats Red Squirrel Roaches Rodents Roly-Poly Pillbugs Roof Rats Rabbits Raccoons Rats & Mice Rats (Norway) Rats (Roof) Roaches Roaches (German) Roaches (Oriental) Roaches (Brown Banded) Roaches (Palmetto) Roaches (American) Rodents

Scorpions Silverfish Sawtoothed Grain Beetle Sow Bugs Sugar Ants Squirrels Squirrels (Flying) Squirrels (Black) Squirrels (Red) Squirrels (Tree) Squirrels (Ground) Squirrels (Eastern Grey) Stink Bugs Skunks Snails and Slugs Snakes Subterranean Termites Sod Webworms Springtails Stink Bugs Shrews

Spiders Garden Spider Wolf Spider Hunting Spider Jumping Spider Daddy Long Legs

Tent Caterpillars Termites Ticks


Wasps & Hornets Weeds Weevils White Flies White Grubs

Yellow Jackets

Wasps Wood Destroying Organisms Wood Ants Wood Bees Woodpeckers Woodchucks Wood Wasps

Master Technician Explains the Process of Inspecting and Evaluating Mosquitoes in your Basement, Garage, Shed and Decking, and Yard
ELIMINEX Residential and Commercial Exterminating NJ Call for a free inspection
732-640-5488         732-309-4209
House Mouse | Deer Mice | Field Mice | Squirrel | Mosquito | Cockroach Exterminators NJ
Free Inspection Squirrel Trapping and Repairs / Exclusion with up to a 2 year warranty
Eliminex Exterminators are Accredited Better Business A+
Eliminex Exterminators are NJ State Licensed and Insured by DEPE and Wildlife Control #97469A
Real Estate Certificate for Termite Inspection $145 for central NJ
Can visit our termite website directly at
Average sized home for a Termite Treatment ranges from $725 - $865
Can Add Free Installation 4 Termite Bait Stations by ADVANCE TBS
with 3 times a year Service and Monitoring for a fee to provide a year round termite warranty
Call to schedule and inspection 732-309-4209
One Time treatments for General Insect Pests from a 30 day to 1 year warranty
We also Provide Year Round Service for General Insect Pests and Rodents
Squirrel Trapping and Removal with Repairs comes with option of 6 month and 2 Year Warranty
Mice Exterminating for an average size home we have a promotion providing a 90 day Guarantee with the option to also add exclusion and seal up providing a full unlimited 1 Year Warranty
Attic Cleanup Decontamination is also available after trapping for $2 per square foot (400 sf minimum)
Call to schedule and inspection 732-640-5488
Bed Bug Treatment special we are promoting is the first room for $445 and each additional room for $175. Follow up treatments for bigger bed bug infestations are optional. Call for details
Serving Middlesex, Mercer, Somerset, Union, Monmouth, Essex, Ocean Counties
Eliminex Carpenter Bee NJ, Ground Hornets Services NJ these areas in New Jersey Pest Control service areas by county include Pest Control Monmouth County NJ, Pest Control Ocean County NJ, Pest Control Middlesex County NJ, Pest Control Bergen County NJ, Pest Control Morris County NJ, Pest Control Mercer County NJ, Pest Control Somerset County NJ, Pest Control Union County NJ, Pest Control Burlington County NJ, Pest Control Sussex County NJ, Pest Control East Brunswick NJ and can be found by searching for Exterminators NJ Exterminator NJ
Eliminex Termite and Pest Control NJ Service Areas By Towns Include Pest Control Edison NJ, Pest Control Highland Park NJ, Pest Control East Brunswick NJ, Pest Control New Brunswick NJ, Pest Control Old Bridge NJ, Pest Control Plainsboro NJ, Pest Control Perth Amboy NJ, Pest Control Metuchen NJ, Pest Control Cranford NJ, Pest Control Westfield NJ, Pest Control Summit NJ, Pest Control Elizabeth NJ, Pest Control Rahway NJ, Pest Control Union NJ, Pest Control Clark NJ, Pest Control Scotch Plains NJ, Pest Control Springfield NJ, Pest Control Mountainside NJ, Pest Control Roselle Park NJ, Pest Control Middletown NJ, Pest Control Red Bank NJ, Pest Control Hazlet NJ Pest Control Bedminster NJ, Pest Control Bridgewater NJ, Pest Control Bernardsville NJ, Pest Control Franklin NJ, Pest Control Green Brook NJ, Pest Control Hillsborough NJ, Pest Control Watchung NJ, Pest Control Matawan, Pest Control Warren NJ, Pest Control Somerville NJ, Pest Control Morristown NJ, Pest Control South Brunswick NJ, Pest Control Kendall Park NJ, Pest Control Dayton NJ, Pest Control South Plainfield NJ, Pest Control Howell NJ, Pest Control Chatham NJ, Pest Control Linden NJ, Pest Control Madison NJ, Pest Control East Windsor NJ, Pest Control Morris Plains NJ, Pest Control Randolph NJ, Pest Control Hanover Township NJ, Pest Control Branchburg NJ, Pest Control Bound Brook NJ, Pest Control Livingston NJ, Pest Control North Brunswick NJ, Pest Contol East Windsor NJ, Pest Control Keyport NJ, Pest Control Hightstown NJ, Pest Control Keansburg NJ, Pest Control Bloomfield NJ.
NJ Exterminator Pest Control Servicing Aberdeen NJ, Pest Control Asbury Park NJ, Pest Control Allentown NJ, Pest Control Atlantic Highlands NJ, Pest Control Avon NJ, Pest Control Bradley Beach NJ, Pest Control Brielle NJ, Pest Control Colts Neck NJ, Pest Control Deal NJ, Pest Control Eatontown NJ, Pest Control Englishtown NJ, Pest Control Fair Haven NJ, Pest Control Freehold NJ, Pest Control Farmingdale NJ, Pest Control Freehold Borough NJ, Pest Control Freehold Township, Pest Control Hazlet NJ, Pest Control Holmdel NJ, Pest Control Howell NJ, Pest Control Little Silver NJ, Pest Control Long Branch NJ, Pest Control Iselin NJ, Pest Control Manasquan NJ, Pest Control Matawan NJ, Pest Control Marlboro NJ, Pest Control Millstone NJ, Pest Control Monmouth Beach NJ, Pest Control Neptune NJ, Pest Control Ocean NJ, Pest Control Oceanport NJ, Pest Control Manalapan NJ, Pest Control Rumson NJ, Pest Control Monroe NJ, Pest Control Shrewsbury NJ, Pest Control Middletown NJ, Pest Control Spring Lake NJ, Pest Control Spring Lake Heights NJ, Pest Control Tinton Falls NJ, Pest Control Union Beach NJ, Pest Control Wall NJ, Pest Control West Long Branch NJ.
Eliminex Master Technicians have up to 20 years field experience with conducting Termite Inspections, Bed Bug Removal, Rodent Removal NJ, Extermination NJ, Spraying for Carpenter Ants NJ, Carpenter Bees, Yellow Jackets NJ, Bald Faced Hornets NJ, Millipede, Earwig, Fleas, Silverfish, Ticks, Wasps, Carpet Beetles, Pill Bug, Stink Bug NJ, Ants, Termites NJ, Bed Bugs NJ & Animal Extraction and Exclusion of Squirrels, Installing One Ways and Trapping of Squirrels, Bats, Small Brown Bat, Big Brown Bats NJ, Raccoons, and more.
Termite and Bed Bug Specialist for New Jersey includes Avenel NJ, Pest Control Manville NJ, Pest Control Cliffwood NJ, Pest Control Colonia NJ, Pest Control Cranbury NJ, Pest Control Dayton NJ, Pest Control Dunellen NJ, Pest Control Fords NJ, Pest Control Helmetta NJ, Pest Control Jamesburg NJ, Pest Control Kingston NJ, Pest Control Franklin NJ, Pest Control Morganville NJ, Pest Control Middlesex NJ, Pest Control Monmouth Junction NJ, Pest Control Princeton NJ, Pest Control Parlin NJ, Pest Control Perth Amboy NJ, Pest Control Elizabeth NJ, Pest Control Piscataway NJ, Pest Control Plainsboro NJ, Pest Control Port Reading NJ, Pest Control Sayreville NJ, Pest Control Sewaren NJ, Pest Control South Amboy NJ, Pest Control Carteret NJ, Pest Control South Plainfield NJ, Pest Control Belle Mead freequote2
ELIMINEX Residential and Commercial Exterminating NJ
Call for a free inspection
732-640-5488         732-309-4209

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