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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Pest Control Crickets Cockroaches Spiders Woodbirdge NJ 732-284-3807

Yard Spraying for Carpenter Bees - Ants - Crickets

Middlesex County NJ
Eliminex Exterminators  732-284-3807
(Initial Interior Exterior Treatment with
MONTHLY Scheduled Pest Control Services)

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  1. Treatment of 25 General Insect Pests for the Full Interior and Exterior Perimeter ~  Acrobat Ants/Crazy Ants/Little Black Ants/Odorous House Ants/Pavement Ants/Thief Ants/Large Yellow Ants/Palmetto Bugs/Brown Banded Tree Roaches/Pennsylvania Roaches/Wood Roaches/Oriental Roaches/Boxelder Beetles/Lady Bugs/Centripedes/Clover Mites/Earwigs/Millipedes/Pill Bugs/Silverfish/Crickets/Spiders/Ground Beetle/Elm Leaf Beetle/Drug Store Beetle                                                                                                                                   
  2. Excluded in the Plan ~ Bed Bugs/German Roaches/Rats/Carpenter Ants/Termites/Carpenter Bees/Wood Destroying Beetles/Fleas/Ticks/Pharoah Ants/Citronella Ants/Carpet Beetles/Springtails/Honey Bees/Free Flying Insects/Mosquitoes/Drain Flies/Fruit Flies/Sewer and Blow Flies/Squirrels/Snakes/Birds                                                                                                    
  3. Treat Interior Spot / Space / Crack and Crevice Spray and/or Dusting Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchen,Basement,Living Room, Basement, Garage,Storage Shed,Utility Room, Accessible Entry point of attic, all accessible finished and unfinished areas                                                    
  4. Spray Exterior of Home / Perimeter of Foundation / Perimeter of Property Line / Ornamentals up to 10 feet high using a Back Pack and / or JD-9 Sprayer                                                                       
  5. Mosquito and Tick Exterior Perimeter Spraying up to 1 acre plus Turf and Ornamentals  during peak season.                                                                                                                                      
  6. Install Exterior Perimeter Mice Bait Stations and also Utility Room and Garage Areas and check / maintain every 90 days                                                                                                        
  7. 4 corner Termite Baiting Station FREE Installation and every 90 day monitoring.   Exterior Perimeter Exposed Soil will be covered under prevention plan.   Subslab injection and interior treatment will be an extra fee if ever necessary to maintain a termite free structure                       
  8. 50% off Wildlife Control for 1 emergency project in a year

Quarterly Insect Pest Protection Plan Central NJ
Call 732-284-3807 or
Get your free on-line quote or schedule an inspection here

We recommend you Hire an Independent Licensed Home Inspector as we only inspect for Termites
Carpenter Ants  Carpenter Bees and Damage caused by Wood Destroying Insects.

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