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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Real Estate Termite Inspection Certification NJ 732-698-8387 - New Jersey Termite Damage Evaluation and Repairs

Real Estate Certificate for Termite Inspection $145 for central NJ
No charge for the inspection if we cannot provide a clear report

State Licensed Termite Service Company BBB A+
State Business EPA certified License #97469A

Can visit our termite website directly at

Average sized home for a Termite Treatment ranges from $545 - $845
year round unlimited warranty for $19 per month
Includes 4 times per year scheduled exterior booster treatments around the home perimeter and an annual inspection of the interior. Warranty can be renewed every year

Call to schedule and inspection show contact info 


The Formosan subterranean termite is often nicknamed the super-termite because of its destructive habits. 
This is because of the large size of its colonies, and the termites' ability to consume wood at a rapid rate. A single colony may contain several million individuals that forage up to 300 feet in soil. A mature Formosan 
colony can consume as much as 13 ounces of wood a day and severely damage a structure in as little as three months. Because of its population size and foraging range, the presence of a colony poses serious threats to nearby structures. Once established, Formosan subterranean termites have never been eradicated from an area.


Subterranean Termite workers construct small hollow moist mud tunnels so termites can gain access to the structure for feeding on the wood and transport it back to the underground colony.
After swarming in the early and late spring and landing on the ground, the alates break off their wings and search for a mate.


Formosan subterranean termites infest a wide variety of structures (including boats and high-rise condominiums) and can damage trees. In the United States they are responsible for tremendous damage to property resulting in large treatment and repair costs.

Protect Your Home or Business from TERMITES

Eliminate any wood to ground contact. Portions of your house where wood comes into direct contact with moist dirt is a prime area for termite entry. Look at areas such as porches, or wooden posts placed in the ground. These types of areas attract and feed termites. Hire a licensed professional before your infestation is beyond your capacity to control. Termite Baiting, Termite Treatment, Termite Exterminating

Read and Understand the Contract Before Signing your Contract of Sale

Perhaps the seller may want to retain possession of the property for some time in order to find new accommodations. If so, appropriate clauses can be included in the contract defining such rights prior to signing. Never sign a contract involving the sale or purchase of real estate until you have done the following:

1. read the entire contract 2. written down your questions and posed them to your realtor 3. made sure all your requested clauses are included, such as the house being sold "as is"
These are only a few matters usually covered in the contract. However, they illustrate the variety of terms and conditions to be considered when you enter into such a transaction.
Common Clauses Added by Experienced Attorneys
There are many important ways in which an attorney can help protect your interests during a real estate transaction. The Seller's Attorney will often prepare a real estate addendum after reviewing the initial Contract during the three day attorney review period. For example, some Sellers attorney's will advise the draft Pre-Printed Contract is satisfactory provided the following amendments are acceptable to both Buyer and Seller.


.c.1. Written Application for Mortgage; Buyer(s) must make complete written application for a mortgage within three (3) days of the date of this letter. Buyer(s) must provide all documents requested by its mortgage company and perform all acts requested by its mortgage company.

c.2. Termite Treatment ; If the Buyer(s) elect(s) to have a termite/vermin inspection, Buyer(s) must use an inspector who has a license with the State of New Jersey to treat termite conditions. The Seller(s) shall not be required to expend more than $500 to treat or repair termite or vermin condition and/or termite or other vermin damage.

c.3. Termite and Home Inspections; The Buyer(s) must have delivered to the Seller's(s') attorney and seller's realtor the Termite Report and Home Inspection/Structural/Engineering Report within fourteen (14) days of the date of this letter, or these contingencies shall be deemed waived. Seller is not required to make any repairs. If Seller is not willing to voluntarily make repairs to damage which exceeds $2,000 or does not response within 7 days, Buyer has only 7 days from date of mailing of home inspection report to Seller to notify Sellers attorney and Seller's realtor in writing that it wishes to cancel the contract under the home inspection clause. If Buyer does not cancel within this time period, the termite and Home inspection clause is waived.

c.4. As is; The Buyer(s) and Seller(s) acknowledge that the property is "as is." The Seller(s) does/do not make any claims or promises about the condition or value of the property included in this sale. The Buyer(s) has inspected the property and will also rely on any rights to inspection which may be provided for in the contract. No representations shall survive closing.

c.5. Mortgage contingency; A mortgage commitment obtained by the Buyer(s) shall be considered to be firm and unconditional even though it contains a condition requiring the Sale of Buyer's(s') home prior to mortgage closing or other conditions. The Buyer(s) hereby waives any condition as an inducement to Seller's(s') to enter this contract. If the Buyer does not obtain a written mortgage commitment by the date established in the Contract, the Buyer has 7 days to cancel the contract or the mortgage contingency is deemed waived. The parties may agree to extend the mortgage contingency at the option of the Seller. A copy of the mortgage contingency shall be delivered to the Seller's(s') attorney and seller's realtor.

c.6. Damage by casualty ; If the premises are damaged by fire or other casualty, the Seller shall have the option to repair the damages. In the event the Seller elects not to repair the damage, the Buyer shall have the right to cancel the Contract.

c.7. Real estate commission ; The real estate commission shall not be deemed to have been earned until title is transferred and the purchase price paid, the passage of title and payment of the purchase price in accordance with the Contract being a condition precedent to any obligation to pay any commission.

c.8. Seller fees; Seller shall not be required to pay more than $25.00 for the mortgage release and not more than $20.00 for Federal Express or other delivery/ mailing services.
c.9. Lead paint ;Buyer has obtained from real estate agent the lead-based paint information format. Seller has no personal knowledge regarding lead paint. If lead paint exists, seller is not required to repair, fix or reduce purchase price.

c.10. Cancel notice by mail; All notices to amend or cancel contract shall be sent by mail or hand delivery. Fax notices is not effective notice.

c.11. Addendum controls over Contract; The terms of this Contract Addendum shall control over terms of the contract.

The Seller's Attorney will request the Buyer's Attorney and the Buyer's realtor to review these amendments immediately and kindly confirm these amendments are acceptable by signing a copy of the letter on behalf of your client(s) and returning same to this office.
The seller's attorney can: * Prepare, review and explain the contract of sale. * Obtain from the Seller back title, including a photocopy of the Deed, survey, title policy and mortgage payoff statement and forward them to the purchaser's attorney, thus expediting the search and survey process.
The Seller's Information Sheet at the end of this article should be completed and returned to * Cooperate with the purchaser's attorney in resolving possession and closing date problems. * Remind the seller to contact their mortgage company and equity loan to obtain a written payoff/balance due on their mortgage. * Cooperate with the purchaser's attorney in preparing the final closing statement. * Prepare a new Deed, Affidavit of title, survey affidavit and any other necessary documents. Fax Deed and Affidavit of Title to buyer's attorney prior to closing and request any changes be faxed back * Review the Respa, which is the Federal Real Estate Settlement Procedure Statement/Amounts paid and to be received * Represent you at the closing and make certain that you receive the correct amount of proceeds from the sale.
Of course, these items represent only a partial list of services which may be rendered by the attorney for the buyer during real estate transactions. Your attorney may be requested to perform any additional services necessitated by your sale.
The Seller's Attorney is the Seller's Advocate and can only represent the Seller
Remember one important point - the buyer, real estate broker, and bank in the transaction may have their own legal staff representing each of their interests. An attorney representing any of the other parties is not your attorney. Under the New Jersey Rules of Professional Conduct, there is a strict attorney client privilege and your attorney will protect the seller's interests.
Home Inspection- To determine defects, not cosmetic repairs
The attorney also may represent his client's interests in connection with the home inspection report. Upon receiving a copy of the home inspections report (which generally involves a structural and environmental analysis of the property to be purchased or sold), the attorney for the buyer, after consultation with his client, will mail a copy of the inspection report to the seller's attorney. The buyer may request certain repairs and/or remediation of the conditions noted by the home inspector. In response, the seller must communicate to their attorney and realtor what action the seller is willing to take to meet the buyer's concerns. Often depending on the terms of the contract, if agreement cannot be reached on issues raised by the home inspection report, the buyer or seller may cancel the contract. More realistically, however, the seller and buyer, through their attorneys and realtors, work to reach a compromise acceptable to both clients.

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