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Saturday, February 20, 2016

AP Chemistry and Physics Tutor Plainsboro NJ 609-388-1823

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 Excellent Chemistry and Math Tutor is available for tutoring in-home or at a mutually agreeable location within Plainsboro, Princeton, Cranbury, Monroe, Kendall Park, South Brunswick

I have cum laude Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Cornell University and have completed 1.5 years of graduate coursework in Chemistry at Princeton University. I am certified as a Teacher of Chemistry and Physical Science by NJ Department of Education.

My profile, teaching methods, diplomas, certificates and biography can be viewed on my website,



I tutor High School and College Chemistry, including Regular, Honors and AP Chemistry, as well as physics and math. I also prepare my students for AP Chemistry Exam and SAT Subject Test in Chemistry.

Rate: $55 - $65 within the 5 mile radius of North Brunswick, NJ.

I love teaching Chemistry and inspiring young scientific minds.

Here is why you will enormously benefit from my lessons:

1. My education is superb.
Check out who won the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry: Eric Betzig and William E. Moerner, BOTH of whom are CORNELL Alumni. I was taught by the colleagues of these Nobel Prize Laureates, distinguished Professors of Chemistry at Cornell University, among which was Professor Roald Hoffmann, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1981.

2. I consider your individual level and need when presenting Chemistry material.

3. You won't have to sift through your Chemistry textbook, spend hours deciphering out long chapters, and end up reading the material that isn't important. I have already done that for you. I have read all the important books and textbooks through my years of experience and preparation, and will only teach you what is important. I will tie all of the topics together and will make sense out of clutter of information.

4. Our lessons will be dynamic and I will ask you many questions, provide plenty of examples and present problems for practice. As I will learn more about your level, I will adjust my lesson to compensate for the knowledge that's lacking. I will teach you what comes up often on the tests (AP, SAT) and what is central to chemistry.

5. I have taken many Chemistry exams in my life (SAT, AP, GRE) and will structure my lessons to target specific questions that come up on every exam.

6. As a teacher I have teaching materials that include past tests, quizzes and homework and classroom assignments. I provide these materials for practice during our lessons.

Call me now at 609-388-1823 or contact me via the form on my website my website WWW.IVYLEAGUETUTORPRINCETON.COM and I will teach you what I know the best - Chemistry!!!

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