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Thursday, June 14, 2012


Myth #1 Should choose the Lowest Price for Pest Control
Answer #1 Choose Value over Price

Myth #2 Inspection is always required to give a pricing quote
Answer #2 Fixed rate pricing that can be quoted over the phone based on the size of your home is always the most ethical and honest form of doing business with customers. You can get a very accurate pricing quote this way, even though there are some factors that should require a complete thorough inspection to both confirm the presence of the pests you are calling about to treat and determine what extra procedures in preparation and treatment methods will be required depending on construction and accesibility. At worst, 80% of the fixed rate pricing over the phone will be accurate and any additional steps required won't be an issue since you know by then you have chosen the most qualified and knowledgeable company to provide your treatment service

Myth #3 There is one special professional chemical product pest management pros use for every insect problem
Answer #3 There are several dozens of professional registered chemical products that can be selected for any target insect and rodent pests. Some products work better indoors and other products are designed to work better outdoors for example. It takes an experienced expert to know how to properly select and safely apply the best pest product and guarantee results fast.

Myth #4 Same day service provided by a professional pest control company is always better
Answer #4 You need to make an informed decision when choosing a new pest management company to provide service. Same day service providers usually overcharge for minimal treatments because they aren't even really prepared to formulate a proper treatment that quickly.

Myth #5 All Licensed Pest Management companies offer the same exact type of service
Answer #5 It takes years of experience with success in order to offer each type of service treatment which all require different methods and chemical products. Different types of treatments require separate applicator licenses as well. Termite Treatments is a totally different method of service compared to Carpenter Ants (for example)

Myth #6 All attic dwelling pests can be inspected and treated for the same exact way
Answer #6 So many times, we get requests to go check the attic for mystery noises and insects. There are so many questions that you need to answer in order to go up into that attic and inspect for evidence. The most common attic pests are House Mice, Eastern Grey Squirrels, Small and Big Brown Bats, Birds, and silverfish among other possibilities. Also there can be a combination of pests depending on the season. Are there repairs necessary? You needed a qualified and very experienced pest management pro to do any type of Attic work. Plus they need to be in shape to handle navigating in a dangerous attic space.

Myth #7 Natural Pesticide Products are safer than Professional Chemical Products
Answer #7 Natural Pesticides is a brand new and unproven Cottage industry that has come up during the past few years and regardless of the claims given, requires way too many multiple applications that you are exposed to breathing hazards compared to a Single Professional Registered Chemical Product. There are so many new professional chemical products on the market over the past decade that have a spotless and really good reputation among pest professionals and customers. Natural Green Applicator Companies also charge considerably more money for all those multiple treatments which is basically their motivation for getting into Natural products in the first place.

Myth #8 Multiple Treatments are always required for Bed Bug Elimination
Answer #8 Only a complete and thorough inspection, a single cleanout treatment application, and a 30 day follow up booster treatment is necessary for guaranteed bed bug elimination. There are countless bed bug treatment companies that require between 3 and 6 bed bug application treatments and never guarantee the work!